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Transform a day out with family and friends into a truly magical experience by booking Southampton Coach Hire. You can choose the style of your luxurious vehicle to suit the size of your group, and this very comfortable transportation option comes complete with a driver.

Located on the south coast of England, Dover is both a major channel port and popular tourist city. Its proximity to the French port of Calais and a host of attractions including beaches, scenic cliffs and historic buildings ensure a constant stream of visitors to Dover throughout the year and in increased numbers during the summer months.

The town's most popular and best-known attraction is unquestionably its white cliffs. Made from chalk, the cliffs are the reason behind Britain being nicknamed 'Albion' which means white. Other attractions in the area include Dover Castle, a fairy-tale like construction originating from Norman times that is famous for its medieval keep and lighthouse.

For more history, visitors can take a trip to the town's historic Roman painted the house, a construction dating back to around 200 AD and once used as an official ‘hotel’ for Roman soldiers. The house contains some of Britain's finest examples of Roman murals. Alternatively, take a trip to Dover Western Heights, an area of historic importance dating back to the 19th century and now open as a country park.

The driver of your Southampton Coach Hire will be more than happy to take you wherever you wish to go, and this is a great opportunity to explore a little further afield. The countryside surrounding the town is well worth exploring, providing some stunning scenery and sites of interest such as Gazen Salts, a manmade nature reserve offering a pretty lake and a winding walkway. For an evening's entertainment, the town has plenty of options, with everything from pubs and clubs to cinema and theatre.

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